Department of Political Science and International Relations
Fall semester, 2008

NAME OF THE COURSE: Research Methods (PSI 207)
(Given to second year students of the Department of Political Science and International Relations)
Credit: 3

INSTRUCTOR: Doç. Dr. Filiz Kardam
Room no. 402C
Tel.: 284 4500/207 e-mail:

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday: 13:40- 15:30

GRADING: %30= Midterm
%20= Term project (Writing a Research Proposal)
%10= Participation in the course (attendance, individual or group work in class
and assignments)
%40= Final exam

(Topics/ pages in the main book for reference/ weeks of study)

1. Foundations of social research (general introduction, aims of research, historical overview
and the general state of contemporary research), p.1-16 / 1,2
2. Ethics of social research, p. 16-27 / 3
3. Principles of social research, p. 72-99 / 4
4. Varieties of social research (theory and methodology, features of qualitative and
quantitative research methodologies), p. 28-52 / 5, 6
5. Methods of data collection and analysis in quantitative and qualitative research (surveys:
interviewing, p.238-291; study of documents, p. 292-320; focus groups, p.194-199;
observation and participant observation, p. 220-236) / 7,8
6. Initiating social research; research planning; stages of the research process and project
writing, p. 101-150 / 9
7. Writing a research report and documenting sources /10
8. Working on examples of research projects and discussing students’ topics and proposals;
having guest lecturers on various topics related with the course / 11, 12

Main book:
1. Sarantakos, Sotirios. (2005). Social Research, New York: Macmillan Press Ltd. (Third
Edition). Several copies of the text are placed in the reserve section in our library.

Complementary Reading Material:
Most of the books suggested below can be found in our library on the shelves.
1. Bal, Hüseyin. (2001). Bilimsel Arat覺rma Yöntem ve Teknikleri, Isparta: Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Yay覺nlar覺.
2. Balc覺, Ali. (2000). Sosyal Bilimlerde Arat覺rma, Yöntem, Teknik ve 襤lkeler, Ankara: Pegem A Yay覺nc覺l覺k.
3. Berg, Bruce L.(2001). Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences, USA:
Allyn and Bacon.
4. Büyüköztürk, ener. (2002). Sosyal Bilimler için Veri Analizi El Kitab覺, Ankara: Pegem
A Yay覺nc覺l覺k
5. Darin Weinberg (Ed.). (2002). Qualitative Research Methods, U.S.A: Blackwell
6. Day, Robert A. (1996). Bilimsel bir Makale Nas覺l Yaz覺l覺r ve Yay覺mlan覺r?, Ankara:
7. Defter, Toplum ve Bilim Ortak Çal覺ma Grubu. (1998). Sosyal Bilimleri Yeniden
Düünmek, Istanbul: Metis Yay覺nlar覺.
8. Fay, Brian. (2000). Contemporary Philosophy of Social Science, U.K: Blackwell
9. Fiek, Hamit. (1998). Elementary Methods of Research in the Social/Behavioral
Sciences,Vol. 1, Istanbul: Boaziçi Uni. Press.
10. Hughes, J.A. and Wesley W. Sharrock.(1990). The Philosophy of Social Research,
London and New York: Longman.
11. Johnson, W.A. and Richard P. Rettig and others. (2001).The Sociology Student
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12. Kümbetolu, Belk覺s.(2005). Sosyolojide ve Antropolojide Niteliksel Yöntem ve
Arat覺rma, 襤stanbul, Balam Yay覺nc覺l覺k.
13. Mason, Jennifer. (1998). Qualitative Researching, London: Sage Pub.
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21. Y覺ld覺r覺m, Ali ve Hasan imek. (2000). Sosyal Bilimlerde Nitel Arat覺rma Yöntemleri,
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